AS394177 (Shift Hosting LLC)



  1. You must have an ASN and publicly routable IP space (minimum of /24 IPv4 and/or /48 IPv6).
  2. You must maintain an entry at PeeringDB and have a NOC reachable by email or phone.
  3. You must maintain an AS-Set containing your ASN and any downstreams.
  4. You must only send us traffic for prefixes we advertise. Do not point a static, default, or route of last resort at us.

Additional Info


We maintain a set of informational and control communities to be used by network operators to influence their routing within our network. Control communities can only be used by customers. They will be filtered out on peering sessions.


Informational communities are filtered out on all BGP sessions.

Route source Default Localpref Community
Originated by AS394177 N/A 394177:101:1
Learned from Direct Peer 130 394177:101:2
Learned from IX Routeserver 120 394177:101:3
Learned from Transit 100 394177:101:4
Learned from Customer 140 394177:101:5

Location learned Community
Learned in Dallas 394177:102:1
Learned in Atlanta 394177:102:2
Learned in Chicago 394177:102:3

Looking glass informational communities

We feed routes to many community-run BGP looking glass services including and We send these services multiple routes we hold in each location, even though only one is active. The following BGP communities indicate which route is active within our network at a given location.

Location Community
Active path in Dallas 394177:112:1
Active path in Atlanta 394177:112:2
Active path in Chicago 394177:112:3


These communities can be used by customers to influence their routing within our network.

Prepend & No export

Action Community
Prepend 394177 1x to ASXXXXX 394177:51:XXXXX
Prepend 394177 2x to ASXXXXX 394177:52:XXXXX
Prepend 394177 3x to ASXXXXX 394177:53:XXXXX
Do not export to ASXXXXX 394177:50:XXXXX

You may also use 2, 3, and 4 to specify all direct peers, route servers, and transits respectively. In addition, 0 can be used to specify all peers.
To modify exports to route servers of IXPs, you may use the following ASNs:

Internet Exchange ASN
DE-CIX Dallas 62499
Digital Realty Atlanta 32299
DE-CIX Chicago 62760

Local Preference

You may use BGP communities to change a route’s Local Preference within our network.

Local Preference Community
90 (Below transit) 394177:2:90
100 (Same as transit) 394177:2:100
110 (Above transit, below peering) 394177:2:110
120 (Same as RS Peers) 394177:2:120
130 (Same as Direct Peers) 394177:2:130
135 (Above all peering/transit, below customers) 394177:2:135
140 (Same as customers) 394177:2:140
150 (Above customers) 394177:2:150


We allow customers to blackhole any prefix up to a /32 IPv4 and /128 IPv6 on our network using a BGP community. Alongside discarding traffic to the prefix/IP on our routers, applying this community to a route also applies an equivalent community for upstream transit providers that support blackhole by BGP community.


Backbone control

We operate a backbone of 10G waves or better between all of our locations. We understand that having traffic traverse this backbone may be undesirable for some customers. As such we provide the following communities to control announcements to other locations.

Action Community
Do not export in Dallas 394177:32:1
Do not export in Atlanta 394177:32:2
Do not export in Chicago 394177:32:3
Do not advertise to other locations 394177:77:0

⚠️ If you do not have transit other than AS394177, 394177:77:0 may break connectivity in unexpected ways

Default Traffic Engineering

By default, we modify our routing using upstream BGP communities to ensure optimal latency. This may be undesirable for some customers.